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certain animals are affected by music

spiders weave best with Bach in the background

snails prefer monastic meditations

                                                             simple sparrows sing best when lawnmowers are silenced

the thud of rhythm, pulse of life

                 our hard-wired heart beat

metronomic neatness, a tidy thrumming tah-da, tah-da, tah-da

                   the purr of a Siamese cat who then trills pianos at midnight

                                      smelly junkyard dog, famous for his devotion to Mozart

certain animals are not affected by techno

                                or hip hop nonsense, decoding noise bores them

          humming birds have their own allegro to maintain

          cows can sway in three-quarter time

                                                                      starfish take Freudian pleasure in French impressionism

                                                                            opera is for the starlings…

                                                                           Tara Wohlberg

published in CV2, vol. 34, issue 4, Spring 2012

                             ‘Cold Surely Takes the Wood’

long hauled

hard split

stacked compactly
under the old tarp

arm loads

parcelled out

unexpected gifts
thaw in the veranda

melt snow

bake bread

fire our lives

                                                                     Tara Wohlberg

italicized quotations are taken from the diaries of my grandmother Leitta May Wohlberg (1905-1998)

excerpted from chapbook of the same title published by Alfred Gustav Press, Series Ten Spring 2013

In 1621 Mr. Burton said…

stars cannot influence reason
so don’t ask me what my sign
is, water or air     a Libra
who cares if there is
no alignment

are there are no lucky stars
no twinkling worth a wish
or a thwack of Orion’s belt
no sip of heaven from
even a Little Dipper?

if stars are nothing
but a dying luminous ball
of plasma that gravity
gives life to – who
is in charge of
celestial dreams?

Tara Wohlberg

published in Quills, Volume IX, 2013

spruceness is a symptom of lovers

fir trees spruce themselves up
lime dipped tips ripen gradually
stretch into dark, mature needles

all that green green, seen so deeply
meadow grass stands
at attention, teasing you

Nature’s green apple balsamic scent
sealed in cedar’s cleanliness
aphrodisiac of the ages, freshen

our seeking limbs, ease the
bondage of daily toil while
the expectant soil warms

beneath lovers embraced
in their own green green
emerald of contentment

Tara Wohlberg

published in Quills, Volume IX, 2013

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